Thursday, 22 August 2013

COG does Newline Paddocks - additional photos

Some more photos of COG's Wednesday Walk to the "Newline" paddocks on 21 August, adding to  Martin's post.

The distant (50m+) tree with the pair of Red-rump Parrots in probable nest hollow.
The male is standing guard outside. The female looking out from inside the hollow.
[This photo is a crop of one taken with 280mm focal length (560mm "full frame" equivalent) giving some idea of how far away it was.]

Crop of the above showing the parrots.

This female Red-rump was in a much closer hollow, in the same tree that the Rainbow Lorikeet was in.

The road and pile of demolition waste at Canberra Concrete Recyclers next door.
A bulldozer was busy rearranging it as we walked past.

Some of the flock of Double-barred Finches

Double-barred Finches
COG members enjoying the warm sunshine and gentle breeze while they wait their turn to cross the gate into the Brown Treecreeper Paddock.
Brown Treecreeper
(This one at Mulligan's Flat was a released one.
 They have since disappeared from there.)

We saw exactly zero Brown Treecreepers. If we had seen any, they would have looked like this one, but without the coloured bands.

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